Problem with Ubuntu install - was How to uninstall WD?

How does WD uninstall? I need to start over but I don’t see it in the package list :? (Unbuntu)

just deleting the folder where its installed to (and any subfolders) should be enough

OK, I’ll give that a try.

Hmmm, so I deleted it all. Downloaded a fresh one, extracted and installed it and I have the same problem, no menu :oops: This is the latest Ubuntu.


You shouldn’t have to install it. I just downloaded it, extracted it, switched to the folder /wdisplay and run WeatherD.


My WeatherD doesn’t run. I was following other posts on here that say to run

if you try to run from a console window, where WD is installed to
what error shows up?

mine doesn

I’ve been trying to test WD under Linux for a few months now on and off. My problem is that I wanted to use TCP/IP connectivity to VirtualVP but when I open the control panel for the connection the TCP/IP section for VVP is blank. Does Linux WD (GUI version) not support this now? Can anyone else confirm that this panel is blank?


I never used the TCP/IP area, but i do have stuff on it rather than a blank screen . see image.

No not that one, its on the Com port selection screen, there is a tab for it.


Stuart, just checked and mines blank too.

admin2@ubuntu:~/wdisplay$ ./WeatherD
./WeatherD: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

That’s what happens when you run directly because it has not added the library which is what the script does. Right now I have a different problem where WD wont run, so I’ll open a new thread for that once I’m sure it’s not me!


Niko, you will need to first copy the library files to

broadstairs, I have not had a chance to look into the TCP/IP yet

So just the individual files from deploy into /usr/ ?

actually to

if you run
then that sets your environment library path (LD LIBRARY PATH) to check in the deploy folder for the library files

OK, I copied the files, so now there’s no error for ./WeatherD - but the WD window (oops can I say that here?) still looks the same, no menu line :frowning:

thats odd…I have not seen reports of that particular problem before…

Yeah, I searched and didn’t find anything even similar :dontknow: Oh well, plenty of other projects to play with…