Problem with Steel Gauges

Hi all,
having a problem all of a sudden with steel gauges. I am getting an error about parsing.

here is the link and you will see the error. I have not done anything and I have uploaded all files again and still get the error.

Any advice greatly appreciated.


What is the url of your customclientraw.txt file?

it might be
in which case that file in blank

so he could try deleting the file and let it get reuploaded
or check the template file is correct (i.e the customclientrawlocal.txt in the WD webfiles folder)


Thanks for the above will take a look after work and keep you posted


had a look at the ftp uploader and getting this:

141: FTP protocol error: 421 There are too many connections from your internet address.
FTP Uploading C:\wdisplay\webfiles\customclientraw.txttemp - >customclientraw.txttemp
Connecting to FTP server.
421 There are too many connections from your internet address.
141: FTP protocol error: 421 There are too many connections from your internet address.

I cannot connet to my dreamweaver sites either

you might need to reduce the frequency of ftp uploads

Is it my isp blicking this? Dont see why after years ot suddenly starts doing this.


I would be making contact with your ISP/FTP host

So my ftp is working again, by restarting the route but still cannot update the steel guages any ideas anyone?

227 Entering Passive Mode (62,233,121,80,118,215).
STOR customclientraw.txttemp
150 Ok to send data.
226 Transfer complete.
Renaming customclientraw.txttemp → customclientraw.txt
RNFR customclientraw.txttemp
350 Ready for RNTO.
RNTO customclientraw.txt
550 Rename failed.
141: FTP protocol error: 550 Rename failed.

Try unchecking “Rename the file as a temporary file” in Real Time FTP - maybe your server doesn’t support that?

Tried it and no joy. I should mention that I didn’t change anything it just stopped updating.

ON the steel gauges bar in comes up with: parsererror: syntaxerror: JSON.parse: unexpected end of data at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data

Have not got a clue what that means

this is the current error

FTP Uploading C:\wdisplay\webfiles\customclientraw.txttemp - >customclientraw.txt

is it something to do with .txttemp

that error is simply because the file is blank
you can see that if you view the url to the file (which I am only guessing its
have you tried deleting that file on your web server as I suggested above?

Yeah, you need to delete that blank customclientraw.txt off your server, then the rename should work.

I have tried to delete the file but it won’t let me or the tech support at the host. I cannot access the site it is on via ftp because it is stating too many connections from my ip despite nothing be connected. Would this file cause this problem?


you need to get your isp to reset the ftp connection count I suggest

I’ve managed to get access now but for some reason I cannot delete the file or rename it. I have even asked the host provider to delete the file their end and they can’t, any clues on why we can’t?

it could be locked
it might need the permissions changed
any decent IT person should be able to do all that and delete it I would have thought

I have them on to it, so I guess I will wait and see on Monday