Problem with some files creation and uploading etc

After transferring WD to a new computer, apparently without any Major problems, I am having trouble with getting some files to create and/transfer to my web server.
Some files would work and appear to be all OK only to transfer a file with a zero file size [ occurs with both GIF and JPG files, but never at the same time eg… I can set up say a gif file which works fine once then on the next file creation & transfer the the file is empty, but the corresponding jpg file will be OK and visa verse., on top of this problem my main web page file [ noname.jpg ] appears to have the “extreme condition” section a day behind. I have used WD for a few years now and have now spent many hours to solve these problems.
Obviously this is not helping with neither my web site nor my patience. I have this morning installed the 89 build version without any improvement, can anyone who may have mastered this part of WD please assist me.

sounds like a problem with the FTP
if your FTP server allows it, set to rename the file on the server
also set to use passive mode

it would help if you could post the ftplogfull.txt file

I presume the actual files in the webfiles folder on your PC are OK, yes?

Hi Brian,
I use the ftp server built into WD.
I am loading the file you asked for.

ftplogfull.txt (5.27 KB)

need to see that file though when the problem has occured
have you tried my suggestions above?