Problem with rss-advsiory.php

Folks- My advisory script is not parsing html characters properly and generating output like this:

.brbr$$bra href= weather forecast office homepage/a

Seems to be stripping the “<>” from the html tags.
My cache file looks the same way , so it must be something in the parsing.
I’m using the latest version. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? Thanks for the help.

Would you mind posting the URL for your website … the link in your profile has a ‘not found’.

Please post a link to the rss-advisory.php script on your website, and I’ll take a look :slight_smile:

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Hey Ken,

My website is

and the page in question is weather4.php

I’m calling it this way:

                           $includeOnly = true;
                           $DefaultZone = 'VTZ019';
                           $doSummary = false;

and I am also using rss-top-warning.php in index.php.

Thanks Ken!

I’d try setting in rss-advisory.php

$doLowerCase = false;  // <== change to true to lowercase the advisories (new in 1.05)

It seems that something is ruining the HTML encoded <br> (
) so the lines just run together with no breaks.

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Ken- I modified the script and refreshed the cache, but there wasn’t any change in the output.

I also tried a different zone- just to be sure that it wasn’t something with that.

Any other ideas?

Thanks again.

There is something strange with your PHP … I tried downloading your copy of the script, and it works fine (lines showing breaks), on my servers.

Something in your PHP installation is replacing the ‘<’ and ‘>’ characters from the data, so all the formatting disappears ?!?

Are you running your own server or do you have a webhoster?

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My Own-- I put phpinfo out there

Looks like it’s a libxml issue as referenced here:

now I just need to fix it!!


Yep, that looks like the issue.

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This is what I did to fix it:

It worked beautifully.

Thanks again for the help.