Problem with rain


I’ve got a problem with my Weather Display software, especially my rain. Today falls 5.5 mm, my pluviometer (rain gauge) has 0.5 mm per tip. If 0.5 falls, the console register that rain but Weather Display don’t. So I must, if 0.5 mm falls, use the manual input-screen on Weather Display. After I do that, 0.5 mm falls, I need to do this again!

All the other data are perfect viewed in Weather Display and on Internet. How can this problem be solved?



PS: I have a La Crosse WS-2350 weather station

Here’s a few places to check:

Control Panel > Station Type & Setting > LaCrosse 2310… and make sure you don’t have “I am using a modified raingauge” ticked.

Control Panel > Offsets, Limits & Rainfall Offsets > Rainfall Offset…the % box should be blank and the “Modified Raingauge new tip (mm)” should be set to the default 1.0mm.

Setup > Advansed/Misc Settings > Rain/Wind/Barometer …check to see is you have “ignore first rain of the day” ticked, if so then un-tick.

See if any of those help at all and let us know how you get on. :wink:

Thanks for help!

I solved the problem myself with help from Meteo Heemskerk, a member of this forum (“Jan Smit”). The reason it doesn’t work is because I don’t run the program as a Administrator (Vista).

It works good right now.


Glad you got it sorted. :wink: