Problem with PWSwd

The box at the top left sometimes does not work. The bar continues to rotate.
Also in the bis Forecast Details does not work. Graphics and history.
What can I do about it? The WXSIM files required are present.



Hi Oebel,

In that case please use the debug dashboard
http. . . .
Top row left “advisory_c_small.php” is already selected.
Hit the button and maybe it shows what is happening.

The problem probabably is the size of the file for the Netherlands
This is my “fastest” test environment

load_warn_keys.php(66) data loaded for NL netherlands
time spent: 6.0642 - CURL OK for
load_warn_keys.php(73) data for netherlands saved as ./jsondata/netherlands.json
load_warn_keys.php(82) Count warnings: 5067

There are only 30 Dutch warning-areas but the file contains over 5 thousand old and unusable warnings.
Even if the file arrives in the time allowed by your webserver, it still costs a lot of CPU-time to check if the warnings are relevant for your area.

Using the debug dashboard
http. . . .
Top row → right selector → fct_wxsim_popup_daily.php

**Warning** : include_once(fct_wxsim_convert2.php): Failed to open stream: 
No such file or directory in /vxxxxxxxxxxx/pwsWD09/fct_wxsim_popup_daily.php on line **73**

It seems you included only one of the two scripts needed for wxsim.

There is also an update for your main WXSIM forecast.


Hi Wim,

I think most is resolved.
I think left alarm box is the Meteolarm problem you mengioned.

Thanks a lot!