Problem with newer versions of WD and Lacrosse 2010 [RESOLVED]

I recently tried updating WD to the newest version and when I do it seems to drop the rain information–can’t see the rain collector and even drops the rain that was already reported that day in the older version of WD. As soon as I went back to 1037h build 10 the program finds the rain collector and starts recording again. This has happened a couple of times with the past three builds of WD. I didn’t report it sooner because I thought that I was going to give up on the old LaCrosse and update to something newer but I’ve decided that I’m really, really cheap and going to try to nurse the old station along awhile longer. Any help would be appreciated. TIA!

when you say drops the rain, do you mean its 0 total?
there was a change in the way the rain is recorded, its now stored in the registry

I just did a test:
new settings
ran 10.37p build 44 (i.e older version)
set the rain totals

then ran the latest version

rain totals still showed

try the latest version of WD again
then set the needed rain totals under control panel, offsets and rainfall setup

as for the rain sensor not found, there has been no change to that area of code, so not sure why you are having that problem

Brian, I guess that I’m going crazy. I just updated to 1037Q build 45 from 1037H and the problem with the rain boxes is not there like it was before. The rain boxes do show up in 1037Q build 45. But the rain totals for the month and for the year are different after the update. The per month is higher with the newer version but the year-to-date is lower. I did take screen shots of each but I can’t figure out how to send them.

When you are replying click on “Additional Options” which shows below the edit window, then you can attach a pic. Don’t use preview, just post after the attach.

Thanks, Niko!

Here’s one screen shot:


And here’s the second screen shot:


but build 45 is an old version
and had a problem with the newly stored rain totals

build 55 is the latest version
use that version
then if the rain totals are not correct, set them correct, then it should be OK going forward

I’ll try that tomorrow. Again, thanks for the help.

Brian! Thank you so very much for everything that you do for this program and for us! I downloaded and updated to the latest version and things seem to be working okay.