Problem with flyoutmenu.php

Hi guys,
i’ve decided to install a guestbook without mysql database. :wink:
When i’ve installed it, i’ve received an error about flyoutmenu.php.
What’s wrong?
Link is
I’ve attached two php files: flyoutmenu.php and wxguestbook.php
Thanks in advance to your help, (6.05 KB)

I think the issue is caused by installation of the wxguestbook.php in a subdirectory … the template files are all expecting to be in the same directory (in your case, the document root). Try moving the wxguestbook.php page up a directory and see if that fixes the issue. If you want to keep it in a subdirectory, then you’ll need to do similar adjustments as those required for the WordPress plugin to adjust for directory and absolute url addressing in the flyout-menu.xml

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Thanks fo your answer Ken.
What do you mean about “WordPress plugin”?

Do you have any php guestbook templates? :smiley:
it will be fantastic for me!
Thanks again,

For what it’s worth, I installed a guestbook 8 months ago. I thought nothing of it until I checked my bandwidth a few weeks after uploading and saw it had gone completely off the scale!!

I checked my stats, located the main culprit was Guestbook. When I looked at the Guestbook it was filled with dubious and hundreds of adverts!! Most of them for strange sites etc, needless to say, I erased the guestbook immediately. It looks as if the book was trawled by bots and had entries automatically generated.

Never again!

This happened to me as well, likewise removed but the error log still shows about 20 to 30 attempts a day, a year later

The WordPress plugin to the WD/AJAX/PHP template set was discussed here.

I agree with MrPlow and smokie… guestbooks are a spam-bot magnet unless they use Captcha to defeat the robots.
I don’t have a guestbook… if folks want to say anything about the site, I appreciate the mail messages throught the contact form on the site.

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Thanks guys,
i’m persuaded!
I think that i’ll use only contact page.
Many thanks,