Problem with floating values box

Hi Brian ,

Recently I’ve been experiencing some strange problem with the floating values box . I use this quite often to put besides my browser ( or e-mail client ) to simply type in the data on various forums ( Fora ??) or e-mail it ( don’t have to use the mailing -option this way ) . Recently though when I opened thi floating box I constantly get a crashing WD.exe . There’s no error in the program error log , looks like windows simply gives up on it , error message is something like this "Wd.exe has produced an unexpected error and will be terminated , log-entry will be made "( by windows that is , I’m translating it roughly from dutch :slight_smile: ) . When I open the logviewer it says Com + encountered an error at the time when WD folded …any suggestions??

WD 9.80 d ( maybe it’s fixed with latest version , haven’t downloaded that one yet )
Windows 2000 pro ( dutch ) SP3
PIV 1.7 ghz
256 mb Ram
120 gb hdd


i dont recall changing anything much with that window…
the only thing i changed recently was it now shows the data straight away after displaying
i will try it here myself…

does the crash occur when you click on reply to a email?

yes,then also, but also while simply being online and browsing a website . It seem like windows is " confused " ( for lack of a better word ) by this floating values box being constantly updated from the station-logger and at the same time having to “browse” or answer e-mail. Mind you , I ONLY get this error while being online or when dialing in with the floating box opened . Never when I have to box simply opened offline…also : the fact that com+ is crashing and in fat forcing WD to reset ( that’s my interpretation of this error anyhow ) suggests that it’s a windows-related problem ( WD might just be "to good " for windows to keep up :smiley: ) …

i have the floating box open…
no problems here
but wd used to crash on me win win98se when i hit reply to a email
wd has not crashed on me at all since i have been using windows 2000

Can it have anything to do with installing SP3 ??It’s not that important an issue anyway, but it’s strange…