Problem with 9.73b and ws2310 reading data

I just upgrade from 9.65b to 9.73b and There is no data coming from the ws2310. I went back to 9.65b and all is ok.

I went into setup and reset the ws2310 but still not luck.

Had to go back to 9.65b.

Bob :frowning:

ok, it might be the new flag i added for the overflow windspeed (i.e if it says overflow on the console)
i will check

oops, i left some debug code in (i am trying to find the flag for over 50 knots, but not having much succes…using a compressor…which is very noisy…I am getting readings over 90 knots!)…
becuase otherwise the reading to the PC starts again at zero once over 50 knots :frowning:
uploading a new vers, 9.73d,now

I upgraded to 9.37d and it did get data but has problems the indoor temp never got the right temp even afte 1 hr. also noted te the data receivec count is way low as compared to 9.65b. About 1 tick ever 2 mins. went back to 9.65b and a tick every 10 sec abouit. and the data is correct.

Not sure what you have changed if i look at the view data collection it does seem to show bad icon sometime with he new version but never see bad icon with 9.65b.


please try a new 9.73d now
i will test also

i have just tested, and it working OK for me

I have a 2310 that appears to be OK while viewing my webpage using 9.73d.
I’ll check my indoor temp and data update interval when home lunchtime.

Everything looks fine at home. WD is updating every 8 - 10 seconds as it always has.
However, the offset for the indoor temp doesn’t appear to be working. My 2310 has always been high by about 2 degrees F indoor. I entered a -2 degree offset, saved and restarted WD but it still displays the temp from the 2310 console. The offset for outdoor temp is fine. Nothing showing in the prog error log.
Maybe this is related to Bob’s indoor temp problem.

ahh, i had not applied the indoor temperature offset to the ws2310 routine
done that now, for the next release

i did have some code in place, to check for the overread…
that might have been the problem

I reinstalled 9.73d and reboot pc and waited for over 5 min did not get any data. reset com port and also display type. still no luck.

Went back to 9.65b and all is ok.


use the ws2310 restart under the weather station type…try that

i have updated the 9.73d vers for indoor temp offset

strange you are having this trouble

I did try the ws2310 reset also and even exited and restart wd but still did not get any data. Not sure why.

I am using com7.

When I start the WD or when my WS-2300 are getting no reading from anenometer - then it goes up til 25 M/S. and i get bad icon all the time

my HP


is that with the latest version carl?

bob, do you use a USB to serial?
i could not get that to work

I have a PCI card that has 4 com ports that I use.
Has work before with no problem.

Not sure why have this problem now

i have not update for a long time from 9.65b it my last working update.

can you try the win 95 version?

I install the win95 ver and same problem.

One other thing the Data Quality light stays red with the new version.

All i have to do is install 9.65b and within 5 sec. it starts working and both data quality and data recieved are green.

Thanks Brian. The indoor temp offset works fine now.

I am experiencing no problem with the latest (4/23) release 9.73d and my 2310 station.
My data light blinks within 5 seconds of restarting and I have correct data shortly thereafter.

If this helps my set-up is:

AMD XP1500
An MSI KT7266 PRO 2 Board
256MB DDR ram
Win XP latest updates
Onboard serial port 1
The 2310 console is connected to the PC using the 6’ supplied serial cable.


Hi Brian

I have also went back to version 9.65d because I got wrong reading on my graf (Winspike up to 12.5 M/S).
And on my exstreme condition I also get winspike up to 12.5 m/s, but not on the dile and I get a lot of bad icon on the datareport.


is vers 9.74 any better?