Problem Since installing 10.35q

Brian noticed a small problem on WD web page. Dont know if its just me or if anyone else has the problem.

At the top it would say what time that page was uploaded and what time its next due to be uploaded. All i get is number up there -2.5

i was working on using a different way of displaying the degrees symbol, but upset that part
i am re uploading a new 10.35q zip now, download that soon (which I have tested and is ok here)

Experiencing problems with the table. It’s using an ampersand for the degree symbol. :frowning: This is with the Aug 9, 21:24:35 main 10.35q install file.

This appears to be happening when I view in FF and not IE.

i have fixed that problem for when viewing in FF
download a new 10.35q
(i missed the ; on the end of &deg #-o

Brian downloaded the new version this afternoon about 2 hours ago the problem still exists.


checking your source code, its now °
but is the problem you refer to , the temperature instead of the next update time?
i cant seem to duplicate that problem…I need someones setings files that have that problem…

Just installed the latest 10.35Q version and see 2 errors happening.

The above mentioned update time and the 10 minute wind degrees.

Settings files emailed.


Making some progress… :wink: Just downloaded the latest full install and my degree symbols correctly appear again in FF. :slight_smile: However, I do see that “F” after the average 10 minute wind direction in the table.

ops, i missed seeing that F
uploading a new 10.35r now to fix that

That fixed it. :smiley: Thanks Brian.