Problem now clientrawhour.txt can be updated every 5 minutes

Now we have the option for the clientrawhour.txt file to be updated either every 5 minutes or once per hour at 59 minutes past each hour there is a problem with the x-axis labelling of last hour graphs on WDL. They all seem to show from -10 through -60 minutes on all my last hour graphs, but the actual data is only updated once per hour. This is wrong as the data in my case is up to an hour old. Unfortunately Brian has not provided a timestamp within the clientrawhour file anywhere to show when the data contained in it was created. I dont know how you want to address this Julian but I feel it does need sorting since in my case with a once per hour update the data is being shown as valid for the past 60 minutes which is not the case. For others with 5 minute updates the problem is not as acute.


That must be a new option. Yes, Brian will need to provide a timestamp value in the clientrawhour.


the option was added for people creating jpgraphs from the data, etc

Brian I realise that may have been the case. The problem is that in WDL there is no way for Julian to be sure whether someone has set it to update every hour or every 5 minutes. In my case it still updates every hour but in WDL it implies that the data is the last 60 minutes which is not the case. If there were a timestamp in the file showing the creation date and time then in WDL it is possible to display the graph correctly. This could also be used in the jpgraph situation as well where the x-axis would be built from this timestamp.