Problem creating weather banner

When I go into view custom screen and then right click to load image (or any other setting) it just drops me back into the view panel not allowing me to load background image to create a banner. Any ideas?!

Weather display version 10.37h build 19

Try clicking on Reset for that custom screen first - if you have nothing to lose.

Just tried that and is still going back to the view panel, thanks for the suggestion.

any error under view, program event log?

There is only 1 error message saying no default printer the others are just normal day reseting

.zip and email me your settings files, and I will test/check here (see under the FAQ for how to do that)

you did not mention that you are using a skin in WD
turn that off, under setup, skins
and then it will work
the skin has some incompatibility with the load file dialog by the looks

then you can re set the skin back afterwards

Good find Windy - that must have been a puzzle!

Thanks Windy that has solved the problem!!

Having now created a banner how do you display in the forum?

you need to add the html code to your profile to display it
in the forum profile information
e.g like

to the signature section

Does the banner have to be a Gif?

Can be any graphic format, or a php script that generates a graphic.

To clarify this, I was referring to the allowable format for the forum signature, not what WD can create.

Gif is the Default Custom Screen image type but you can save as a png which mine is - or a jpg - but they tend to muddy the text and probably best to be avoided. png will give you more colours than a gif and photo images look better. (I think… :wink: )


This is a good excuse to bring this post back up for fresh air :wink:
Weather Banner Signature sizes


I am lost… can anyone edit the html to bring the banner into play!!!

Didn’t I send you the code to do this?


You need [] not <>

That’s how I said to do it in my pm to you as well. #-o
In SMF like PhpBB you use the [] brackets.

BTW I do like your banner…


Should work for you!! :wink:

#-o #-o

BTW I do like your banner...

Looks nice, but it’s a big (69K) file, be better if it could be reduced to a more reasonable size.

Thanks for the help guys