Problem configuration Soil info and extra block large avec Ecowitt


I am looking for how to configure Soil info and extra block large with Ecowitt sensors. Do I need to change the code? because currently the information I have on pwsPW2023 does not correspond to the Ecowit statement.

What should I change on: PWS_Dashboard setup?
Thank you.


Sorry, that is not possible.
The extra upload using ecowitt protocol is meant for Lightning and AQ

As you are using WeatherDisplay you should instruct WeatherDisplay to read the values for Soil and extra TempHum sensors from the ecowitt file.

You can check all values available from your Clientraw and ecowitt file in

Succes, Wim

@ ALL I am without decent internet until August 23.

Are you using an ecowitt gateway for the uploads to ecowitt and then to the PWS dashboard.
If you look at my site you will see I have soil sensors and extra temp sensors all working fine.


Your site is using “Ecowitt Custom upload” as primary data-suorce.

@eongibier is using WeatherDisplay-clientraw as primary source which also has extra sensors a.s.o.
And he is using Ecowitt custom upload which can be used as an add-on for a lightning and an AQ sensor.


Indeed a pity that this is not possible as indicated “[Swright1957]”.

You might need to get a ecowitt gateway to upload them to the PWS dashboard if you require them to show on the site.
perhaps an email to Brian might ask if this feature can be incorporated into a later build

Thank you for your advice, I will send an email to Brian. However, it is not won.