Probably a stupid question

I first set up wd with a lacrosse 2310 via usb about a year ago. since then, I’ve moved and switched computers. It basically just worked once I got the usb weirdness resolved. this time, I’m going straight rs-232 I install 10.22r and did not get the outdoortemp and hum displays. they are working on the 2310. what did I miss? the temperature, which I finally figured is rhe “outdoor temp” is flatlined at 55.4, this is not what the 2310 says. I assume I have the wrong sensor selwcted. how do I get the right one, trial and error? the indoor temp is wrong too. hmmm. I vaguely recall I have to lock the data rate on the com port


At the top of WD what does it say?

Mine reads the following…

"Weather Display - Ver 10.22r - registered - WS2310 Comm Port Ok ENE,0.0 mph…

The important part is the bold above.