Pro- weather is moving

This is a message for all you people who don’t know what’s going on with the pro-weather forum site . The site is temporarily down due to bandwidth problems.It’ll be moving soon to a new domain :

( current URL is )

The forum will be back up on Sept. 1st… I’m posting satelite-images there on a DAILY basis ( these images are processed with Geosatsignal by me and look a LOT better than the originals :smiley: )

here’s another source for satelite images:

Especially the NOOA - images are spectacular!!

We have now launched our main website at - Offering forecasts, warnings, and other weather data. We are soon to be offering high resolution satellite images of any area. The forums are still there at

So, feel free to take a look, :smiley:


Images now running well, with images of the day. Forums are here -