I have been away for a month, in Canada and Maine, Vermont. When I got back I needed to run reports. When I go to print reports, the type is small and faint, but the big issue is that the spacing between each item per line , well it is centered.

I ran just today’s reports as last months went on for pages.

Is there anyway to tighten this up? or improve on it? I can cut and paste, but that defeats the outcome of the printing option.

was not like that for my printer
must depend then on the printer driver

you can set to have pdf files of the reports created
and then so you can print from those pdf files

I looked to see about printing pdf files from the view menu screens… but I don’t see that option other than to email the report in pdf format.

update as well… I can’t get the email to work either.

I am going to venture a guess that with all the changes to the Mac OS subtle changes have occurred. I think my best bet is to go back with a PC version. Right now I am waiting on the wife to give up her Vista and use that… I am guessing some time in September.