Print ( 1 Wire Setup page )

Hi Brian ,
Just making it all official .
Could you please added a print option for the 1 wire setup page .
This would be handy as a hard copy record and help during testing etc…
Its hard to remember all those Rom ID’s

It took me an hour one night to write all this information down for a future rebuild. I forgot to write my barometer data down at the time and this was a major pain. To be able to print this page (the entire page contents) would be terrific.

Hi Brian ,
Now that you back on the 1-wire list
I think the print option is a (must ) for any new 1-wire set-up beginner

Or even if it could be save as a gif file ( so they could attached to an email for viewing 8)

Your’ll score some points with this new feature . :wink:

Do “ALT PRT SCR” and paste it into what ever.


That would work but 2/3’s of the page is scrolled below the screen.

Get a copy of ScreenHunter (freeware!) or some such thing as it will capture the whole window. I’d prefer Brian fix the bugs in WD before adding more “features”.


i have added a button to dump the image to a file (what is visible)
in the latest version (which also uses less cpu for 1 wire temperature reads)

Hi Brian

The screen dump work GREAT.


:lol: 8) :lol: