Postimg problems

When posting, if one tries to add a picture or file and it is over the 125kb limit,if one then tries to resize the picture/file and repost, the merror message comes up and says it has already been posted. However this is not the case. This has occurred on several occasions when I have had trouble resizing the picture. Even using photoshop it is difficult to get some pictures down to below 125kb.
:roll:I suppose the files should be zipped, but it may be an idea to try and point this out, because as sometimes happens, you think you have posted, but when you look, the post is not there. All due to the file size being i itially too large, and you have to start all over again!

Yes it does that. You can copy your post text, start a new reply and paste it so you don’t lose the typing.

Yes cheers, it doesn’t take long to realise it is better to be on the safe side. :lol:

I agree that this is messy, but at the moment that’s the way the forum software works. When I get a chance I’ll log it as an issue with the developers and see if they can propose some way to fix this or to perhaps fix it in a future release.