Post your computer specs

I thought it would be a good idea (and maybe fun too) to have a list of what the computer specs of all our WD machines are. I will go first.

AMD Athlon XP 2000 (1600 MHz)
512 mb
128 mb GeForce AGP
Debian sarge (testing)/Slackware 10.0/Windows XP Pro

general purpose machine used for WD, gaming… actually used for everything

I think you also have to specify whether the machine is dedicated to WD, and if not what other stuff are you doing with it. A 500 MHz PIII just for WD is OK, but if someone is using say Photoshop at the same time then that’s quite another story…

good idea #-o

I have 2 stations, one is WD+WDL, one just WD, both running 24 by 7 on dedicated PC’s

HP 733 MHz P3
256 megs of memory
Windows 20000

I’m in the process of upgrading one station to:

IBM 2 GHz P4
512 megs of memory
Windows 2000

(All corporate surplus machines from ebay)

  1. Intel 3.02 GHz Laptop Client/Shared DB

Main machine
Dell 4400 1.7gz 768mb 40g hd - 64mb g-force ddr - 40g hd

[quote author=bristolwx link=topic=6470.msg42999#msg42999 date=1102105276]
I am just trying to imagine AR567’s place with all that computer hardware in it

[quote author=bristolwx link=topic=6470.msg42999#msg42999 date=1102105276]
I am just trying to imagine AR567’s place with all that computer hardware in it

[quote author=AR567/KC9DBE link=topic=6470.msg43008#msg43008 date=1102109267]
(keyboard, monitor, dinner, etc).

Directly related to my Weather stuff…

Connected to Weather Station

Intel P4 1.7GHz
WinXP Pro - SP2
NVidia GeForce2 MX/MX 400
Headless (No Monitor/No Keyboard)
Wireless Connection to LAN w/Cable (5000/1000)
Located in my Home Office - Dedicated box nothing but WD on it.
Well it has web cam too, but that is off right now.

Unix Server Primary Web Pages - Used to provide Primary domain webpages and what you
see when you go there. The actual Weather data however is sent to another box below.

Sun Ultra 5
UltraSPARC-IIi 360MHz
Solaris 9
360GB Disk Array
HeadLess (No Monitor/No Keyboard)
Network Connection T1 Dedicated
Located at Client Data Center

Unix Server For WDL and Actual Weather Data - All weather data
from the PC that collects the data is sent to this server.

Xenon 3GHz
RedHat Enterprise
120GB Disk Array
Headless (No Monitor/No Keyboard)
Network in Data Center with OC3 Multipath
I dont own the server, I lease access to it.

WorkStation - Where I actually touch things
I do all my network, support, browing, accounting etc from this box.

Intel P4 2.6GHZ
WinXP Pro - SP2
320GB (2 120GB Drives - 80GB External USB 2.0)
21" Flat Pannel LCD Display
Wireless Keyboard/Mouse
Wired to network LAN Cable (5000/1000)
Located in my Home Office

12 non-related workstations/servers in same office or
other rooms in the house (Not Weather Related)

Not mentioned is my workstation at my real job (the one tha pays the
bills) and the datacenter there.

BTW Pretty office picture up there… I’d take a pic, but
not until I finish with my reorg… going on 2 months now…

My brand new computer is a P4 3.4 GHZ
With a dual layer DVD Recorder
Audigy Sound Card
and a 250 GB HD
128 MB Radeon X300 Video card
This computer is for WD and for Seti at home…full time

My other brand new computer is a Celeron 2.4 GHZ
512 MB ram
40 GB HD
This computer is actually for my mother but it going to be attached to my network (her house is on the same property (3 acres) so I just have to run network cable to her house underground) and will run the seti at home program full time

My third computer (my “old” one) is a AMD Atholon XP 1800+
With a Raid Board and dual 120 GB HDs
Also with Audigy Platinum Sound Card
and 64 MB Geforce Video card
This is now my kids computer but will still run Seti at home fulltime…
In the not to distant future I will also be getting a dell laptop…(sometime in 2005)

OK, you asked for it. :lol:

This is my messy computer room.
WD is running on:
800 mhz Athlon (Slot A)
384 mb ram
2 x 40gb hard drives
1 x 100gb hard drive
Voodoo 3 video card (16mb)
WM918 Weather Station (will be Dallas 1 wire when the ilink gets here)
In addition it’s also my file server, runs the web cam, and United Devices distributed computing Cancer Project.

Computer 2 is a Athlon XP 2400+
384 megs ram
1 80 hd
Nvidia geforce 3 video card (64mb)
Lacrosse 2310 weather station (will be the wm918 when the ilink gets here)
Also runs United Devices project.

Computer 3 is a Athlon 64 3400+
640 megs ram
1 80gb hard drive
Dual Layer DVD burner
CD burner
Nvidia Geforce 6600 video card (128mb)
Turtle Beach 5.1 sound card
Also rund United Devices Cancer Project

Computer 4 (my wife’s) is a Athlon XP 2400+
256mb ram
1 40gb hard drive
Nvidia Geforce 4 (64mb) video
also runs United Devices Cancer project

Computer 5 is my notebook
Athlon XP 2800+
512 mb ram
also runs (you guessed it) United Devices Cancer project.


impressive jeep!

That’s NOT the word my wife uses to describe it!! :lol:

I Love it. Just like mine.
Thanks Jeep

Old DILL P1, 166Mhz, 96mg memory, 10 gig hard drive. WIn98se. Updates through a modem to my geocities page.

ah, someone with an old low spec PC in amongst all the high flyers. so do you just run WD on that PC or do you use it for other stuff as well? With only 166Mhz and 96Mb RAM how does WD behave - is the graph update slow and does it take a while to generate all the files to upload to the web etc?

Does your Win98 run for days or do you have to reboot often?

Example - the FTP process generally starts 15 seconds after WD goes through the web update on my 1.8Ghz PC.

note there is a built in delay for the start of the ftp program…which you can adjust (5 seconds in the default), to make sure the files have finished being created…

If I could find a 16,000 Km extension cord, WD would be running on a
AMD 750 Tbird
1GB ram

Main computer is (actually sold it off in Canada, took the money and rebuilt it here in NZ).
AMD 3200+ 64
1GB Corsair Cas2
ATI x800 Pro 256meg

A few other computer AMD 1400, PIII 750, PIII or is it II 400, PII 300, couple 200mmx, 166mmx…these are working computers. Also have some parts lying around… couple P75 chips, 72 pin mem modules. These computers are all in storage an I am hoping they will survive -40C to -50C temps :roll: that I forgot the temp can get down to.

I have WD running on a 550 MHz Pentium 3, 4 Gig hard drive, 192 Mb RAM running Windows 2k. It is fairly reliable - sometimes it takes a while to close some of the WD windows but that may be because I’m accessing the machine via Virtual Network Client on a Mac (no monitor on the PC, saving electricity!).

The weather PC runs WD only, occasionally it has Quickbooks running on it as well without too much trouble.

Data transfer is by broadband connection to a remote server. An uninterruptible power supply also helps with reliability.

Other computers are all Macs so WD is making sure the office is not PC-free :wink:.