Picture on my site

Hello everyone ,
I installed the PWS-Dashboard software on the newly created site

I would now like to start configuring it,
except I don’t have a webcam here at the station
I would like to put a still image on the page
How to go about achieving this
Thank you in advance for your advice.
Michel says Courtil

HI there
do you mean in the webcam section or behind the site as a background

Hello ,
Thank you for your reply
The request concerns the WEBCAM section
Thank you for your information
Michel says Courtil

It does not need to be a webcam image.
You only need the URL to a picture on your website.

The link too that picture/image is set in your easyweather settings.

The block will display that image.
Later on, you can adept the heading of the block in the translation file.


Thanks for reply !!!

the image is displayed well
Michel known as Courtil.