php guestbooks that work within the Carterlake/AJAX template?

Hi all,

I tried to search the web and tried out a few different guestbooks, but none of them worked properly within the mentioned template.

Anyone know of any guestbook that works?

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Maybe someone will reply with an answer you wanted, but in my opinion guestbooks are a spam magnet.

See this post:

Here are some alternatives that you can use to get feedback from your users:
These are tested with the templates…

Wordpress Blog add-on

Contact form with CAPTCHA

:bazooka: Guestbooks :rightfighter5: I couldn’t agree more with what Mike has said.
You would be better off setting up a Blog or a forum Martin. :wink:

Thanks guys, I think I’ll just leave the guestbook-idea.

The blog looks nice but question is if I really need one. :slight_smile:

Best Regards,

I have a free guestbook that does not get any spam that Ive seen yet. Ive been using it for a couple of months. I had one previous that got a ton of spam, but this seems to keep it out. I just cannot get it to work with the templates. Once I put it in the template the random # generator doesn’t work. If you can get it to work I’d be interested to see, I didn’t put a lot of time making it so it would work so it is possible it may work.