Phillips icon from the WD download site

I downloaded the icons from the WD site and when I opened the zip file …its a WD exe file??? I clicked it and it said it was missing 1bfs32.dll file, I thought this file was probably just some gifs to replace the default ones in WD …what gives?
Jon Paul

I had the same problem, so I did a web search and found the url for these icons.

I can’t remember where I found them but I believe I did a google search and put in something like Weather Display Icons and found the site.

But I did get the same thing you did. Not a clue.

Thanks aardvark! For those who are wondering this is the site where I found them, downloading the icons …is a few seconds…instead of 20 minutes…, just go to the bottom of the page to “My weather icons” and download!
Jon Paul

I have added the question and the link to the FAQ page of on-line help.