PC weather icon

When I launch Weather Display, the icon (just above the Davis VP scrolling forecast) is always displayed as partly cloudy. This has no effect on the icon that is uploaed to my site, which is correct. My question is how can I get the icon on my PC to change with the weather conditions just as the info. uploaded to my site changes?

Additionally (sorry for the trouble) when I launch WD, the data extraction
(Davis VP) progress is shown. When that completes, another type of progress is shown. I’m not sure what this is, although I do have “Delete Data when Finished” is checked. The problem is that this screen often freezes. I am wondering if that would have anything to do with the fact that I use a USB-serial adaptor?

Thank you for all of your trouble !!

John, [email protected]

the 2nd part of the data extraction is when the data that was downloaded is actualy updated into WD’s data base
it can be quite slow if on a slow PC…
what are the exact symptoms

for the icon, best thing is to email me your settings files:
wdisplay.ini from c:\windows or c:\winnt
wdisplayftp.reg after going action, back up registry now