parsing error - testtags.php

Can anyone tell me why at times I get the following error message on my site using the standard scripts. It seems to fix itself after a while. Site goes comletely down with only the following message displayed

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /virtual/users/e15688-16536/web/testtags.php on line 81

Site is down as I write this



Can you post whats on line 81 in your testtags?

And by chance, are you using this tag? $NOAAEvent

Your question about $NOAAEvent is dead on. Below is what shows up in my testtags.php file for line 81 and 82. Why is the NOAA alert now posted killing my entire site? Suggestions anyone???

LINE 81 IS: $NOAAEvent = 'Air Quality Alert Current Watches, Warnings and Advisories for Worcester (MAC027) Massachusetts Issued by the National Weather Service[email protected]Air Quality Alert '; // NOAA Watch/Warning/Advisory

Line 82 is: $noaawarningraw = ’

Just comment out $NOAAEvent line in testtags.txt … the problem is the embedded single quotes returned for %NOAAevent% causes a PHP syntax error.

The $NOAAEvent is not used in the Saratoga templates.

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Thanks alot for your help. I saw another post from you regarding the $NOAAEvent tag. I went into the testtags.php and commented out the $NOAAEvent tag on line 81 and the site came up immediately. The warning is posted as well. From your statement it sounds like commenting out the $NOAAEvent tag will have no affect on the site posting warnings etc.

Again, thanks for your heads up on all this.

Thanks Ken !!! I was hoping the commenting it out wasn’t going to mess up your templates.

Have a great weekend.

came across this error also when constructing a site for someone recently…and the correct way to uncomment is below

$NOAAEvent = ‘%NOAAEvent%’; // NOAA Watch/Warning/Advisory
$noaawarningraw = ‘%noaawarningraw%’; // NOAA RAW watch/warning/advisory

adding the /* at beginning and the */ at end of the two lines of code in the texttags.txt file

just incase anyone else has this issue