Page Fault error again/still

I am still getting a page fault error when using my Dallas 1-Wire with Weather Display Ver Q. In the last couple of hours it has failed four times. The screen goes blank, like some power saver mode. When I get it to come alive again (Using the mouse/enter button) the screen shows Page Fault Error in Module ATI_M64.drv.

It makes me close and reopen the program again to get it to run. The graph does not seem to show any Gaps in the time line.

This seems to be a new problem. Although this is the first time I have been here when it happened. Most of the errors were overnight and found in the morning.

Any suggestions anyone? I suspect the computer and not the program. I really like the Weather Display software Windy. Don Smith

how much memory does the pc have?
also, do you have a aag baro in use?

Hi Windy. I have 256 meg of memory. I do have a barrometer that I built from one of the boards from David Bray. Been trying it with both connected and not. Don

ok on the barometer
make sure you dont have use a aab baro ticked…
check that…
otherwise, windows 2000 would stop that error on exit