Outlook express is a dog, just took me a long time to realise that

it would cause my computer to reboot once i added from 512 to 1 gig memory
Outlook I am now using (i imported everything from outlook express)

i guess peole will be saying, i could have told you that
(it must be a 16 bit program or similar?)

They don’t call it LOOKOUT for nothing… :lol:

Try Thunderbird from mozilla.org. Works great, many features.

i tried thunderbird
but it was too slow with the 3000 to 4000 emails in my inbox i usualy have

anyway, i have still had unexpected reboots, so my MB just does not like 1 gig ram…or it does not like 400 speed ddr ram in 2 lots ( the manual only referes to 333 speed (before 400 speed came out)


I am using Thunderbird myself. I love it BUT it is a memory hog and will build up memory usage (worse then another program i know of that has since corrected that :wink: )… I keep hoping that when they get 1.5 out of Beta it will improve the memory usage which is my only complaint.

If you are using just one email personality you may want to try Eudora, I used it for quite some time but with multiple personalities it just didn’t work for me…


Interesting, because that’s one of the things I always liked about Eudora. Just goes to show there’s no one “right” solution.

Eudora didn’t allow for different Port settings easily, or different polling times for various personalities and IIRC a single default SMTP server was used for all outgoing instead of multiple depending on the personality being used…

Now one thing it was great about was storing large, and I do mean large, amounts (numbers) of email without affecting it too much…


eudora is a NZ produced software :wink: :wink:
(i think!)

Ummm not according to this Brian… sorry :frowning:


or was it mailwasher then, LOL

You’re thinking of that other package…summat like Washer Display?

I use Pocomail from http://www.pocosystems.com/home/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1, I have been using it for a couple of years now and have had zero problems with it. True I dont get 3-4000 emails a day though. It seems to me to be real fast and I have not had any memory problems with it either. My wife uses it on her W98 box as well…

As poeple have said its all horses for courses :slight_smile:


We all have our favorite browser, however that is down to a 2 - 3 horse race… Email clients on the other hand there are a number of solid players in that field and it really does come down to preferences and may be even more personal then browser choice…

Brian I tried a number of different solutions when i switched to Eudora (from old Netscape messenger) I would try one for a couple of days or until it bit me bad, then try another until i finally settled on eudora then i imported all my mail to it. When T-Bird came out i tried it on my back up machine and once it hit release 0.4 i switched permanently, again importing all my mail.

Just the way i did it :slight_smile:


one thing i didnt like about thunderbrid was i could not easily flag a email to read later…
maybe i missed that.
and outlook is not as easy to that, it involves a few more clicks, that outlook express was


Right click on the email listing (in the listing of emails) and select Label, there are like 5 different labels and they color code the email listing in question different colors…

There is also a right click “Flag” option but you may have to modify your pane view to see it listed… if you want to try it again i will help with settings if needed :slight_smile:

More edit: You can right click in the body of the email when reading it to Flag or Label as well :slight_smile:


does mail frontier work with it?

i have to build a chicken coop/run now…they keep coming into the house and sh*ting on the carpet…
so offline for next hour or so!


What is mail frontier?


Sounds like dinner to me.

You should see the chickens in Key West, Florida. They come in the bars, restaurants and houses at will. They own that town

I saw that when we were there. Wonder how they get by with that from a health point? Chickens aren’t picky when it comes to their droppings. I’m a firm believer in the 10 second rule but draw the line at chicken sh…