Outdoor Webcam enclosers

Was wondering if anyone has any pics of their webcam enclosers that they use outside? I’m looking for some ideas for mine. What you made it out of, the size of the encloser and where to mount it. I got a Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000. Thanks, Mark.

Mark I have my Logitech 9000 In a outdoor security Camera Housing. It has a Heater that keeps lens defrosted. I have only had it out for 30 days or so but its been working fine

I also Have My Housing mounted on 2 Antenna Rotors so I can turn Camera 360 degrees around and Up and down

I have on Roof of house so I can point it anywhere from INSIDE the House. I can work on a pictures if Interested


Mine is made from Marine Plywood and covered with roofing felt (the type that you heat and melt the backing).
The front is normal glass that’s sealed with corking and there are two air vents in the outer most side at the top (now covered with a sheild to stop rain from getting in & ally gause to stop the critters :wink:). With the air vents & painting the box white, I don’t get any problems the glass fogging up.
The outer side is removable to access the webcam, I re-seal with corking when I screw it back on.
There is also a hole at the back for a USB connection to fit through, which is also sealed.
I have it tilted at a slight angle to allow water to run off and to point the webcam at the sky.

thanks for the pics and suggestions. Got a couple questions…

Does the encloser have to have a fan or a heater?

For a vent, do you just cover a couples holes with screen or somthing so bugs or any other creatures dont get inside of it?

Here’s my link and the story behind my cam: http://neo.dyn-o-saur.com/cam.php. Click on the photo for a larger image. No fan, only heating, which is desperately need at the moment :wink: --Hans

Thanks Hans…you just gave me a Idea and found this link…


it comes with a fan and a heater. And not a bad price either.

That is the same 1 I purchased last week. Don’t forget the get a 24v transformer to power it.


Did you find your transformer online? if so, do you have a link?

i just realized that a 24v AC doorbell transformer will work too. Them are cheap.

I’ve used aluminum car body repare gause over the vents to stop the bugs getting in.
It doesn’t have a heater or a fan, our temps don’t drop much below -2

we get alot of rain, snow and fog here so atleast I need a fan, the heater is a bonus…lol

I have the same one but without the fan and blower feature, and it works like a charm.
Very easy to work on with the lid open.
I have yet to encounter a problem in either +30C or -30C weather conditions.

Thats goods to hear. Im ordering one after work today.

One thing to note, I am not using a webcam but an actual surveillance camera with a video out. I am not using any USB type cameras, have a look at the About Us section on my website to see what I am using for a camera solution. This way I am not fighting with extra drivers and I can literally switch from one OS to another (Mac, Linux, Windows) on a whim without sacrificing many of the weather station features or resorting to repurchasing products to maintain a solution. I can also have my camera up to 1000 feet away and the solution only requires a single coax cable which supplys the power to the camera and video back to the computer, simple and yet very effective.

I have mine mounted outside with a home made heater (3 10W rated resistors at 6.8ohms each in series powered by 20Vac from an old car battery charger and an old power supply fan running at 9V seen in this set of photos here…


They are temp and time controlled.

My solar sensor project is there too.

Webcam is a Logitech QC Pro 9000 angled upwards. It is my No2 webcam, not the profile camera.

Some of my thoughts and problems and installation here…

Also attached is schematic in an xls file - zipped.

Good luck with the project. Checkout the Weather Photography Board here…


WebcamSchematic.zip (10.1 KB)


I’m not real sure a door bell transformer will handle the load. They also sell the transformer for 15$ ( I think)


I got my web cam encloser pretty much all done. I’m still waiting on the transformer “ordered” to run the Heater and Fan. I may just run the fan for now and see how that works by itself. Pic Posted.


Mine seems to have something wet on the left side of the lens. I wounder how warm it is right now with 20MPH and 0.0 F


Probably an Icicle…lol

Mine is in a heated and cooled environmental dome. Been up for more than a year now and still working fine (knocks on wood)