Oscillating Temp Readings- 9.25 & Lacrosse WS2010

After upgrading to 9.25, a while later I started getting an oscillating temp reading on the outdoor temp sensor. The displayed reading bounces between the correct temp and something offscale. If you want, I can send a screen shot of this problem.

I looked at the WS2010 setup screen, and it seemed to have wierd values for all the temp sensors, even though I only have one outdoor and one indoor sensor. WS2010 was still selected, it did not change to some other weather station type.

I reverted back to 9.20c, and it stopped doing this.

I am running win98se, Lacrosse WS2010, one sensor outdoors.

i am hoping that is fixed in the latest version
it was to do with trying to fix the log file getting too large for this weather station type
please try 9.26 (and above) and let me know

me again
actualy this was a big stuff up, and was the change in the main minute timer, which caused other problems
the latest version is back to the way it was, promise
i am allowed a few major stuff ups every now and then?
:oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

I just tried 9.26c and had the same problem. I reverted back to 9.20b and all is well.

oh darn, so its still not fixed?
is the raw data OK in the ws2000 window?
I will review what I have done

i am sure a new vers uploading now will fix it
i will let you know when ready so you can test, thanks

please try the new vers
i would like to fix this, and then all the data problems with this weather station type will be behind me at last

Looks good so far. It 9.26d has been running an hour now and has not shown the problem. If you don’t hear from me tomorrow, assume it is good. Excellent responsiveness on this fix, great job.

it was about 5 lines of code in the wrong place! (needed to be down 10 lines)