OS Upgrade 98 -> W2K keep data & settings?

I’m thinking of upgrading my 98SE WD PC to W2K. It would be a complete HD wipe and reinstall. How can I carry over my data and settings? Will it work if I back up the wdisplay directory and wdisplay.ini, re-install WD after the W2K install, and then copy the old files back over the newly installed WD?

This is the update route that I took, going from WIN98SE to WIN2kPro. There is an upgrade feature as I recall that retains information as you can retain the FAT32 disk format inititally rather than wiping the disk to format in NTFS. You can then upgade the format.

It’s been about 6 or 7 months since I did this and cannot recall the exact procedure. Another school of thought is to install W2K to a clean disk.

Whatever the route you take, you will have wished you had done it months ago, the reliability is outstanding compared to WIN98 and it also cured alot of my WD problems at the same time.


with the importing of the wdisplayftp.ini file into the registry, you need to check, after first running wd and going to the ftp/internet setup, that a registry entry has not been already created with a different path
the default is
in the ini file, but this can be changed by windows depending on your user setup

If I don’t use ftpupd do I care about (or even have) wdisplayftp.ini ?


it has all the internet settings, even for file creation for a server…

Noted. I think I’ll play safe and test on another machine first. Thanks.