Oregon WMR 200 data logging problems


I’m new to using the above weather station. When I try to download data from my wmr200 it only sends data from the date and time I connect it to my laptop rather than all the historic data since I last connected to it. What am I doing wrong?

Have you seen the WMR200 data logging problems FAQ?

That covers the most common factors.

Hi skyewright,

Thanks. Seems to be downloading all missed data now. WMR200 is set to 15 minute intervals for recording data but the downloaded log file data has an entry for each minute, can this be changed?

I’ve attached a copy of the history file for reference. Seems some of the times downloaded are a bit out of sequence and it also seems to have timestamps that are in the future as I downloaded this morining at 10:40.

wmr200history.txt (103 KB)

WD holds one record per minute by design.

As you have observed, if you have set a 15 minute logging interval on the console, then WD will “fill the gaps” with repeats of the logged data.

When running “live” the console takes no notice of the logging interval and feeds data to WD as it is received from the sensors, so in that case each minute is usually different.