Option for: sunmoonimage.jpg

Currently, the sunmoonimage.jpg automaticaly gets added to datahtm3.txt. I’d like to put the image on it’s own page. Would it be possible to add a box to tick something like: “Update/upload but don’t show on page”?

Datahtm3.txt is under your control. Edit sunmoonimage.jpg out of that file. Even with version updates, this file is not affected, or changed. Datahtm0.txt and datahtm3.txt are the two files that WD let’s you manage. You can also manage datahtm2.txt if you have it selected on web files “let me manage my own data2htm”.

Oops!..my mistake. I should have said “WD puts the code ahead of datahtm3”, directly onto my main web page file. But it is not actually on any of the datahtm’s. :oops: It appears that there’s no way to manually edit the code. On the sun/moon setup, there’s a box to check that says, “Don’t show on page at all”. I tried that, and it does keep the sun/moon off my page. However, with that checked on, and after waiting a full 48 hrs., WD failed to update/upload to my site, unless I did a manual upload. I just thought it might be nice to have the option to have WD “upload/update but don’t show on page”. The summary has the option like that already. :slight_smile:

ok, i can add that option

Super!..Thanks Much! :smiley: BTW: The new “smoothe” wind dials are really cool!..nice job. :slight_smile:

i have added this option, under view, sun moon

Wishes do come true :!: I just updated to my site, and it works perfect :!: …Thanks Brian :smiley: