One VP Forecast needs a little editing

With a deep low pressure system passing through today, got a forecast from the VP that got my attention…

“mostly cloudy and cooler. precipitation pissible within 12 hours, possibly heavy at times. windy.”

While I’ve heard hard rain described as "raining as hard as a horse p**sing on a flat rock, saying that precipitation is “pissible” might be a little over the top… Perhaps a little editing, please? :oops:

it was #192
and i copied/pasted the info that was gathered on the BBS you pointed me too Gary! (which was very nice of those people)
so that is where the mistake is

uploadng fix

Brian - my comments were intended humorously, not critically! I know you simply undertook what must have been the very time consuming effort of copying over what you were provided!

its no problemo