One of our (recent) forum members was in a nasty accident, lucky to be alive

Martin Hicks, Bristol, UK.
Get well soon Martyn!

WOW I was wondering where Martyn had gone…

I hope he gets well and soon.


I was wondering where he has been. He is always so helpful. I hope he gets better real soon.

I’ve missed Martyn, I don’t know why he resigned from WW a while ago. That’s very bad news, I hope he’s recovering OK.

I’m sorry to hear about the accident that Marty was involved in, and I hope he recovers quickly.

Marty, all the best for a speedy recovery.

Was wondering the same - almost posted in the Chatter thread last week asking…

Hope to hear from you soon Martyn.

note that Martyn resigned from the forum a month or so ago because a: it was taking up too much of his work /spare time b: some people on this forum are not very nice to him, and he decided it was time to move on

That’s a shame as he was always very helpful and well versed in WD.

but a few people started to take him for granted…
and its the few rotten apples that can spoil the whole bunch! (or how ever that saying goes)

I’ll second that, it was a real loss :frowning:

Hey Martyn. Hope you get well soon!

Martyn has asked me to post this:
Hi all,

This is Martyn. First of all, many thanks to well-wishers and those concerned as to why I left the forum. It is nice to know people have been thinking about me.

Yes I did decide to leave for a few reasons

Thanks for sharing that Brian -
Glad to hear Martyn is recovering.
Sure do miss our banter once in a while!

so glad to see you are recovering… Sounds v. nasty, and damn, you are lucky, as you say, to have had that top-notch team there for you.

Do take life easy as you mend; watch the wind vane, the annonmeter…watch the ants, andthe little bugs in the lawn. Look in wonder and smell the flowers…

So San Francisco


I have missed you input to the forum but can understand your feelings. Look after yoursef, take it easy and good luck for a speedy recovery.

I am very happy to hear that you are doing well Martyn, it sounds like you were through the proverbial “wringer”…

Just get well, keep lurking and if time ever permits I hope to see you beating some of us to posts once again :wink:


It was thanks to the help of Martyn and Brian in early March that I was able, as a complete WD novice to have the confidence to go on to building a simple website and getting great pleasure from the wx and the forum.

Hope you soon recover fully Martyn.

Thanks to all for your kind wishes guys :smiley:
Still in “recovery mode” but back here to browse and possibly help where I can.

It’s good to see you back Martyn…in health as well as a forum member.

Any idea when you’ll get back to work? I know from recent experience that the kind of op you’ve had takes some recovering from. My boss at work has been off work for around 10 weeks after having had approx 6ft of his gut removed. He’s likely to be off for a few more weeks still and then will probably only come back part time for another few weeks. I imagine that if you’re still off work you’re starting to suffer from daytime TV overload #-o