Offset in barometer between datalogger and realtime values (WS 3600)


I’ve a little problem with my WS 3600 and Weatherdisplay.

As you can see in the following figure, the barometer has a pressue “rise” in the morning!
The same happens in the evening in the opposite direction - and this every day!

A litte bit about my config:
I use a WS 3600, which is set to 35 meters or something like this at the console to get the barometric pressure at sea level.
The computer starts at 7:50 AM and starts WD. WD reads out the datalogger first and the starts to read the realtime values from the 3600.
In the evening at 23:10, the computer is shutted down till the next morning at 7:50.
And exactly at this times, the barometric pressure has this strange “jumps”.

Her the picture:

I think, somewhere I made a mistake in the relativ barometric pressure or someting like this.
I tried to adjust my weatherstation in WD to 115 feet (~ 35 meters) and also tried 0 feet - the result is the same…

How can I fix the problem?

Thank you!

in the weather station type setup, 3600 setup area, i have it where you can set offset for use with the extracted data (which is using a different barometer reading )
try that…

Hello Brian,

thanks for your help - the offset has gone and I’ve a continuous Baromter chart now!