Off topic - Ventrilo Server

I’ve been asked to setup a voice chat system up for a group kinda like TeamSpeak. This is a different package though.

I’ve got it running if any one is really bored and wants to try something new.

Shoot me a PM and I will provide the details.

I think I looked at Ventrilo before I installed TeamSpeak. Does the free public version still have a cap of 8 users?

Yes it does. The codec support is more powerful and so far we have had no problems getting anyone online. We had problems with Team Speak. It also has TTS support which can be used by disabled users.

I’m just playing with it though right now.

Our gaming group (bunch of old farts) has been using Ventrillo for over a year now. We love it and pay $10 per month for them to host server for 15. Much much better than TS. Can be a little daunting on each setup, but once working is flawless.

We have a server setup using the free mode with only 8 seats… but we never have more than 6 people in at the same time.

Setup was not too bad, but after I took pictures of the screens the regulars picked it up quickly and once you have it configured, you don’t normally need to do it again.

I especially like it in that they support Linux, Win, Sun Sparc and X86 for servers.