odd reading on VP2+?

Hi I have only had my weather station for a few days and the readings look a little odd to me.

The drop in Humidity and Dew Point are what’s worrying me.
Is this something that could happen or could this be something wrong with my new equipment?

it coincided with the an increase in windspeed, a change in wind direction, and an increase in temperature
so it looks like a frontal boundary passed over your area (could even have been a sea breeze?)

I do live in a coastal town and get a breeze from the sea most of the time, I’m thinking this could have been some warmer drier air from inland for a short time.

I always worry when I get new equipment that it could be faulty. :oops:

yes, that sounds like it what what is
air masses of different dew points dont like to mix, and form a frontal boundary…and a sea breeze is then also a frontal bondary too :slight_smile:
the other interesting thing about a sea breeze is that it starts off in one direction but as it slowly increases in speed , the direction from where it comes from shifts, due to the corrolis effect :slight_smile: