Odd part 2

I let the program run overnight, the 971e and today. Every ten minutes the web page updated with data, web cam and forecast. Emails were sent on time.

It wasn’t until about 2 pm I noticed that the data had not changed. In fact looking at aW underground things were the same.

When I got home I found that all the ftp functions happened as scheduled, but it seems that the data never got updated via the program. I loaded the 972, reset the graph and here we wait.

Strangest thing. The logs are also wrong, they show constant data. I suppose I will need to debug those.


check the files in the webfiles folder you have selected (i.e c:\wdisplay\webfiles)
are beign updated
and then with the help of ftplogfull.txt, check that the files are uploading to the correct remote directory…

I did check that, the web files were being updated, but only with the same set of everything. the time changed, but the values were constant. even the log files have ten minute times,but same data. gifs were produced and updated.

The only thing I can think of was that soon after the data logger started, for some reason, it kept the last piece of data constant. I rebooted the computer and things started normally. and so far things look fine.

Maybe the download from the datalogger was stuck. The data on the weather station was fine. Oh well, one of those odd things, or maybe the weather was boring . :roll: