Odd on first boot

when I rebooted after loading the 948b all the all time records reset themselves to zero. I shut it down rebooted again, same thing. on third panic, then all was fine again.

Is this a clearing routine.

By the way, the icons are great. I think I will pour rain in the guage ( not really, it will freeze mega time) just to see them work.

now for the snow, sleet and freezing rain icons. Someone creative?>

the all time records now gets loaded at the first minute after start up

so, the data reloads itself rather than staying resident, later?


it was a shock to see all the values back in the dark ages when the program started up. I got the warning lights flashing and wondered what happened. BUt right now things are going ok.

Still a bit un nerving when I am accessing a folder and it disappears for a while before showing back up on the desk top again.

OK, I can live with this.