October max/min values incorrect

My October max wind gust and max/min temperatures and associated dates are incorrect - see image below from Arcola, Virginia, USA Home Weather Station (wd version) (novawx.dscloud.me),

I tried [re]saving my settings in Easyweather setup per a recent post but that didn’t help.

I may have caused the error myself because I temporarily renamed my PWS folder to PWS-temp because I was getting hundreds of hits daily (probably from a bot) from Singapore and wanted to see if the folder name change would stop the hits. Upon renaming the folder back to what it was, for several days now the Singapore hits have stopped.

If this folder name change was the cause, can I fix it or just wait for November?

Use the update script



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When I use the update script URL it states File not found. I entered my password after pw=

Ah, I figured it out, the file to update is PWS_hist_update.php, not PWS_history_update.php

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