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WD ver10.37S143 Win10 21H2

I recently set up WD for the first time and I am populating it with 10 years of historical data. I am currently only trying to enter the data that I uploaded to WU collected after I started useing the VP2.
I have had difficulties getting this done but with the help of the people here I am making good progress. I realize this is probably more data the the majority of users will want to enter. I am sort of anal on this type of thing. I have spreadsheets for the data from 1997 to present that I recorded the daily readings in so I have the data available to check against. I only use the dashboard and am not trying to create a webpage.
During this project I have found several quirks/bugs/inconsistencies.

Please understand this is not a list of complaints, just my observations.

  1. Using the data recovered from WU and converted to WD is not always successful. One month import is fine, the next has duplicate data such as 1 inch of rain on the 25th in WU will show up as 1 inch
    on the 25th and the 26th in WD. Some data is excluded altogether and dashes are entered (–) while there is data on WU.

  2. The data editing doesn’t always work. In the above example using the edit feature in the “Rain to Date” screen new data sometimes is not accepted for a day. The monthly total can be edited but not the daily data. The same thing occurs using the “Averages and Extremes” screen. One month has the dashes for the last 10 days and I have not been able to get WD to accept the data whether entered one day at a time or all 10. Data is in the “Detailed Rain” screen but not in the “Averages and Extremes” screen.

  3. The “Average rain to date this time” seems to show the total rain for all the data (currently reads 912.02 inches).

  4. The forecast Icon appears and disappears at random. I have all the check boxes unchecked for no icon. The scroll sometimes shows the 5 day forecast and sometimes shows the Davis VP console forecast. Sometimes switching in mid-scroll.

  5. I created a custom screen from the View menu with a satellite image and it will occasionally open with the image not present but various unassigned custom tags and images such as thermometer, dial or another custom image. 2 other custom screens are performing perfectly.

  6. In the all time records screen for some reason shows the coldest night for the year to be -26.8°F on July 26th while the “Averages and extremes” for that date shows a low of 79.2°F. The record low dew point is given as -18.3°F on May 18th. Low dew point on that date was 77°F

This is just some of the “oddities” I have encountered. Anyone else see anything like this?