The National Weather service has been printing their forecasts, advisories and other information in “ALL CAPS” for over 100 years due to the original teletypes and teleprinters that only printed in all caps.
On May 11th 2016, the NWS will be switching to a more “normal sentence style” which they have been trying to get to since the 1990’s.

I obtained the following article from NBC News and here’s the link… http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/weather-service-forecasts-will-stop-shouting-you-next-month-n554391

We may have to watch our sites for changes that may need to be done when this takes effect. There has not been anything said at this point that it will affect the RSS feeds or any ATOM Feeds.

NOTE: Admin: can you make this a sticky for now or make sure that it gets around to everyone so we can make sure that this is as seamless to our websites as possible? Just wouldn’t want someone’s site’s alerts to be affected on that day or subsequent days when a severe threat hits their area and their site is not working properly because of it.

I think that might effect WD’s 5 day forecast based on the NOAA zone forecasts, as WD looks for certain keywords…and those are in capital
so I will have to change to look for the lower case alternative as well
I will do that for the next update of WD
ta for heads up


I was able to locate the actual NWS press release http://www.noaa.gov/national-weather-service-will-stop-using-all-caps-its-forecasts.

area forecast discussions, public information statements and regional weather summaries will be the first areas affected with Severe weather Alerts coming in the summer and other forecasts and warnings coming over the course of the next year.

So it’s not going to happen all at once, but it’s better to be ahead of the ball game.

NHC is changing too.