NWS forecast stopped updating

I’ve searched weather watch, even found one of my own posts from some time ago…but have not found an answer that will have it start uodating again…For some unknown reason my last forecast update was at 10 pm last night 5/19 I tried updating the weather.gov url and still cant force an update…I’m wondering is something was changed on their site as it just quit updating with me making no changes to the website…can any of you poke around my source codes and see if there is anything obvious…even forecast.txt was last stamped at some 2 am time…my website should be linked by my name…any screenshots will be provided as needed…again, this just stopped on it’s own…been working fine for ever…

Thanks in advance

What NWS URL are you using for the forecast? Have you tried looking at it with your browser?

Yes I have checked the url from my advforecast2.php and it opens fine in my browser…here’s what I have in the file


So this is a problem with the template web page forecast, not WD’s own forecast function? If so it should be moved to the website/template area of the forum.

Move it where ever you feel it belongs…I was just hoping someone might find an error somewhere…it was up and running fine and just suddenly stopped updating…I have no idea if this is a WD issue, or a NWS error…or a php error…

Moved, Ken and the web gurus are more likely to see it here.

Hmmm, I see the problem. In general your site seems very slow for me, even the main page, are you seeing that too?

That link didn’t work for me, but when I went looking I found that


works. Note that it’s just a little different at the end.

  • Jim

The problem seems to be with your website hoster. The advforecast2.php script used on the wxforecast.php page is having problems connecting to the weather.gov server (network error), so is using the cached forecast.txt page for the display. A view-source on the page shows

You should also check the permissions on forecast.txt to make sure it is writable by PHP (permission 666)

That page loads really slowly, probably caused by the network error on the webserver. Contact their tech support to address the problem.

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I am aware of the site loading extremely slow and am in contact with my host right now…

as far as the url being different, from searching here I was tols I needed to use the “printable forecast” link…both mine and yours open fine for me but yours is a different page, lessdetailed

Ken…I have no idea why the permissions would have changed on their own overnight, but that is certainly easy enough for me to check…

You do need the printable forecast URL with &TextType=2 at the end, and it does work OK for me.

forecast.txt was set at 644…now set to 666, will contact my webhost about the errors and just general slowness…

changing permissions didn’t correct it …now the source says error “loading forecast.txt” when I do a ?force=1

The URL with &TextType=2 works fine for me too.

WessB … I’ve found that sometimes hosters move websites from one server to another for load balancing, and sometimes do not preserve the source filesystem permissions on files on the destination filesystem. Rare, but it has happened to me :frowning:

When you experience an issue like this, it’s generally a good idea to include ?force=1 on the URL for the page on your site, then a view-source on that page to locate any errata that are cited (like those funky network error messages). That can guide you to where to address the issue. Network errors are usually an indicator of a problem with the hoster’s webserver and it’s connectivity.

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I’m trying to get a hold of him now…once it is brought to his attention it should be corrected quickly…this referencing “IF” there is a problem with the server, given how slow it is, their obviously is some issue somewhere, it’s never been that slow…will keep everyone posted…THANKS

I have a lot of things running on my website…and ONLY the weather station is running slow…hope to get an answer from my host soon

Seems to be all OK now, what did you find out?