NSLU2, WDconsole and WMR200


I’ve been reading every thread I can find and I am having a hard time telling what is for WDconsole for Linux and what is for WDconsole for the NSLU2. Can anyone provide an update to the following?

  1. WDconsole for NSLU2 can post data for WD Live, correct?
  2. What time interval? Is it 5 minutes?
  3. Does this work with the WMR200? Does the NSLU2 version have the same issue with the rain gauge?
  4. Is WDconsole installed within the limited memory of the NSLU2 or is it leveraging a thumb drive in one of the USB ports? (Answer - OK, it looks like you need to load Debian on the NSLUG2 for WD Console to work and you need to add a USB drive or thumb drive for Debian to work).

Thanks in advance! I’m just trying to figure out if I should purchase a NSLU2 off Ebay.