Now using Panasonic BL-C140A

Yes, it’s working well. Thanks azjerry :smiley:

You’re welcome. I’m glad I could give a little something back.

How do you do that? I have the BL-C30A and I think it has the same server software in the camera.

The BL-C140A serves a static image at (xxx. etc = IP), does yours do the same?

Yes it does. I was looking where the static image was and never seen that address before.

These FAQ’s are rather old now but should point you in the right direction:

Thanks niko for the redirection long thread this. just purchased the BL-C140 trying to find where in WD to set it up to capture the image,ran in my browser and an image appeared, so where in WD do you put this path. I use the WD webcam capture prog at the moment for my currant web cam, tried running this path from the IP camera page, no luck. I coud FTP it direct to my website, but my current cam setup used a lot of overlay tags on the picture. all help gratfully received

That’s all in the FAQ’s linked in my posts.

Thanks niko, might be able to gets a nights sleep now

Is it working?

Yes was working fine, but unfortunatly something in WD was causing the dreaded blue screen of death as soon as WD tried downloading data, now in the process of a clean reinstall and hope that sorts the problem. needed doing anyway

This camera looks very interesting indeed - getting one is another matter :frowning: - Amazon won’t export to Australia. Still awaiting a reply from one UK supplier to see if they will export down under. It’s not even listed under Panasonic Australia.

Has anyone used this camera in a position where it is pointed directly at the sun in the early morning? To get a view of the weather in my district it needs to be pointed due East. Does/has it done any damage?

Mine points South and at this time of year the sun tracks right across the field of view. Looks like being sunny all day today. Sun is almost dead centre as I write this. If you get to take a look at my website before around 16:30 it will probably still be in view.
The camera has only been in use a few months, but all is fine so far…

PS. Attached is a shot from noon today.
PPS. Camera currently looks out at an angle through a double glazed window[1], which doesn’t help the ‘flare’…

[1] Yeh. I know it’s an outdoor camera, but I don’t trust IPX4 with our weather so it will be getting a box of some sort before it really goes outside… :wink:


Thanks for the feedback. Had me scratching my head for a while when you said you had it pointing south and the sun crossed your field of view - then the penny dropped - you’re in the northern hemisphere #-o. It’s the opposite down under of course. Your case is probably worse than mine as I only see the early morning sun before it fairly rapidly swings around to the north - in pre Copernicus speak of course :).

Luckily I don’t have to worry about the cold end of the spectrum where I am as my temp doesn’t fall below 5 deg C, but it does get up to 40 odd in summer. I note that the max temp rating is 50 deg C, so it will be close to the limit in mid summer. You definitely don’t want the sun shining on it midday!

Just wondering if this is really the case in that you don’t have any options between 1 min and 1 hour - like every 10 minutes? Looking at the instructions setting the upload (Image Buffer Freq) - it would be set at 1 hour and 6 images to get you an image every 10 minutes or 1 hour and 20 images if wanted something every 5 mintues and so on…or am I reading this wrong? I like the camera - but frequency and bandwidth is an issue right now…


Any word on if the CMOS sensor on this camera will burn if exposed to direct sunlight… Thanks!

The sun has been tracking across the field of view of mine for nearly 3 months now. The noon sun is still less than half way up the field of view. There are of course often clouds about (certainly the case today!) but on other days the sun has been in full view right across the observed angle (taking about 4 hours from side to side).

I’m sure the sun would be stronger in other places and at other times, and my camera also happens to be behind a window, but I’ve not observed any deterioration here so far.

Thanks - we both hang in two different forums - here and Metoehub! Mine would only be in the summer afternoons and sunset times as it will face NW and also would be behind some glass! Thanks!


I have now had a chance to try this and you are correct, it does work that way, my original post was wrong.