Notification testing

Testing notifications for @administrator

A message for user @cjm

Testing for @cjm again.

Welcome, cjm! Oh, wait. . .

I’m sure he’s keeping an eye on you!

I get two e-mails to tell me you’re keeping quiet?

OK. . . can you just send half each?

Testing to see if @cjm is still watching.

Seems like I still had something wrongly configured :frowning:

Paging @cjm . Are you still there?

Still needs tweaking but I’m more hopeful this time.

For hopefully the last time, is @cjm watching?

I’m always watching to see what @administrator and @bitsotring are doing!

Looks like someone needs to learn how to spell @bitsostring!

He’s forgiven. . . after all, he is a new member :wink:

@cjm isn’t who you think he/she/it is. There used to be a user called cjm2 but I think @cjm ate them and took their account away.

Yes, I’m a well known eater of forum accounts. Bits of string sounds like an interesting meal!

Henceforth I shall call both of you you CJ. . .

Reggie Perrin

He didn’t get to where he is today by being called CJ.