Nothing updating

Since 9.38d, I believe, nothing is updating - not custom web pages, not the normal web page. The weather talking feature is updating but is ignoring my customtalking.txt and customtalkingfile.txt. I didn’t change any “tickings” - any ideas?

Yawn! excuse me went to bed about 5 hours ago. Up and curious.

I had similar problems. I uploaded the current version and then noticed that things were not well in Utopia.

The web cam in the ftplog was reading c:/ccam// and nothing working. I did a system restore to way before and brought things all the way back to 9.39. Waited a bit and still nothing. Posted a post and Windy suggested resetting all the commands. From the setup menu things looked fine, went ahead and did it anyway. Then the began to update. I
went into the data3htm file and found that other things were missing. web sites were truncated and I had to find the rest of the urls. Did that then went in and things were off kilter and I “think we are fine this morning.”

I am going to wait a bit more. I think something is happening with the 939b something about the file update. The page looks fine for now, all day web cam a tad screwy but that should do better when the whole thing updates tonight.

Which while I am on this post, I notice that if I do not update the web files for the same time frame as the day before , instead of writing over with a null file, the program will insert that file anyway. A bit odd, but I can stand it. Better than running an additional program at the same time.

try resetting the web files location (under setup, ftp setup, web files)
I will add in a check on start up that it has a \ on the end of the location (This change in the location i have made is affecting lots, and there are multiple threads on it)

let me know if that fixes it

I added the "", but it doesn’t “stick”. Whenever I recheck that area, the "" has disappeared.

Made sure the file location was correct within wdisplay.ini:

[New webfiles location]

Still, nothing updating.

first thing first
try resetting the web files location

then if that works, try restarting the proogram

the directory location for the web files is stored in the wdisplay.ini file in c:\windows or c:\winnt
as the key
New webfiles location

a restart resets the ini file setting, not actualy changing the ini file setting, which is there for the ftp program only

and or reseting the web files locaiton under setup, ftp setup, web files will reset the internal variable (the ini file is not accessed, for this directory, except at program start up or for use by the ftp program)

i hope that is as clear as mud

As mentioned in my earlier post, I did try updating using the “set webfiles location” but the setting doesn’t look like it “sticks”. When I reopen that function, the "" is gone. Tried restarting. No change. Finally went to wdisplay.ini within c:\WINNT and made the change there. No change in behavior.

I’m not sure I’m clear on that… but that may not matter. Using the set web file location, I add the "" but it doesn’t stick - whenever I recheck, the "" is gone. I’ve restarted a couple times, no change.

when you use the set web files location,double click the folder to use, then you are clicking on the OK, yes?
I just tested ,and the wdisplay.ini file was updated with a changed location for me…

also, export me your wdisplayftp.ini file from the registry

I looked at mine and after the changes early this morning it looks fine, but I am using 9.39, something happened with the a and/or b version.

Looks like you are on the track of it.

OK, wdisplayftp.ini is on the way via e-mail. Thanks!

nothing changed with the a or b verison with this

Just an idea. Last week my WD did the same thing. Stopped updating to the server. I finally saw in the log file that the / mark was missing before the file name being uploaded. WD just started doing this in the middle of the day. No version change or restart. I reset web file location. It didn’t work. The problem was with my server. For some reason it didn’t switch to www directory. Since my server has two different names to reach it, I changes ftp name to the other and it started to work again. Hope this info might help.

check under view, program error log gary
you may have to reset the log files and data files lcoation

i am uploading a new vers now that should help with all this ( will let you know when ready)

i ned to go and jump on the tracor for a bit, back soon…

new vers ready :slight_smile:

I wonder if why I get at times the c:\ccam\ is the file isn’t loading because the web cam update times are set not to load at that time.
I have under setup the upload/update daytime box checked and that the upload times are set to be between just before sunrise and about 30 minutes after sunset.

If this is the case then I feel better . It makes sense. All day they uploaded then after the all day animated uploaded this message in the ftplog shows.

What do you think :crazyeyes: ?


any luck gary?

I’m not entirely sure what I did to fix it while experimenting with settings, but yes, I got 9.39b working again. I won’t be able to try 9.39d until tonight but all looks good now.

Updated pages online now.

THANK YOU again, Brian!

In then noaa report for the 25th shows 684mm rain and the same for wind speed. The noaa and daily report still show dec 25. I’m going to look at the ini file. also the program starts to hang or has some error and unloads.