Not strictly a bug, but I think a fingers problem!

I had a series of unrecognised problems with My website host and to make it worse my ISP decided to make adjustments to my connection without forewarning me, the immediate and only symptom I recognised was the ceasing of uploading of files from my “Web files” folder. unfortunately I was stupid enough to fiddle with the settings of WD’s FTP section, and got to the position that my web server keeps locking me out because of the excessive attempts to resolve the problem.
Can anyone please point me to a step by step instruction to work through to set-up of this section of the WD program, I have spent hours reading up FAQ’s etc. in an effort to find a straightforward solution, if you can help I would be most grateful.

Under Control Panel - FTP & Connections - Connections Tab

FTP Host server: Is your FTP host name, usually something like however only your host provider can provide that
FTP Username: The username your web host provided for FTP access
Remote Directory: Is your weather web files directory on your host, again only your Host can provide the exact path
FTP Password: The password provided to you for FTP access.
FTP Port: 21
Time out in minutes: I use 5 minutes
Usually best to “Use Passive Mode”

If your host keeps blocking you they should be able to tell you what you are doing that is causing the block.

Also your full FTP Log may shed some help?