Not happy at all


I am not happy with WD at all. Today I had to reinstall the product on a different computer, as the old crashed, fortunatelly I had a backup of the WD log files.

The historical data is all gone on the website, how comes?
How can I rebuild them?

Another thing that really sucks is when for a few hours data is missing (because of a computer crash for example), WD will not recalcute the daily highs/low as it should and everything is messed up…


At this point I really would NOT suggest this software to anyone.

You really cannot condemn WD because your computer crashed.

Try this link for revrating your files

do you want help or do you just want to go around saying the software sucks and that you want to tell everyone not to use it.
I really dont know why I bother sometimes…its been alot of work, then out of the blue you get someone like this.
what is the world coming to.
why is the pc crashing?
what weather station type?
what version of WD?
if you change your attitude and be a bit more positive, then i will help you
but , to get the links back for the historical averages/extreme web pages, you need to also copy across all the file in the webfiles folder and or recreate each of the averages/exreme file (with the latest vers).

who else is as un happy aas this person?
should I just stick to farming and walk away from weather display?

no 8O

Hey Brian, keep your dander down now… don’t want to hear that you’re back in the corner again foaming… :?

Takes all kinds and there are some out there that attack others to cover up their own disgruntled life. There’s more to life too… Just make sure the family is taken care of, and the cows… the weeds, eh, that’s another problem. Get some goats…

No problem here with WD and I’m pleased with it as I’ve been with ya for 3 years now, WD is definitely better than some of the others out there. No others get the personal attention that you give us!!! :smiley:

i looked at his posts before, and he has a wmr968:
wd does not use the stations stored high/lows, but instead calculates its own (so that way you can set different times to reset them, etc)…i.e wd needs to be running all the time (which it is desinged to do).
and he is using com port 8…i.e so might be using a usb to com port adaptor:
i know from reports some drivers for these adaptors cause lock ups, etc
i have a pci com port adaptor here now…and I have had lock ups with a light being turned on, etc, but i think i have traced that to a bad inserted power point…

if superdino has purchased the software, then I will give him a refund.

i really do need to spray the weeds, so i might not be around so much over the next week


please accept my excuses. I did not want to offend you, nor I allow myself to attack your work.

I can imagine that you spend lots and lots of time for this software. That is great! And for sure, lots of users, that use your programm, are very happy with it.

Currently I am not. I must admit, I haven’t read the manual. Will do so. I am sure everything can be fixed, rebuilt as needed. I just would have loved it, if there was a function, that does this job…

I am running on Com #1, that error didn’t come up anymore.
Brian, sorry again, dont stop developing until you have better things to do, that give you more.

Will post later, what my exact problems are, what exactly I miss.
Then we probably will find a solutions.

Thanks in the meantime and ciao from Italy.

thanks for the posting

after a day of running around dropping kids off at school, playcenter, making them lunch, feeding them breakfast, changing nappies, answering emails, picking kids up from school, cleaning up at playcenter,answering more emails, forum posts, adding features to WD that people want etc etc
(and still no time to do farm work) (now that the cows are dry the wife expects to be able to sleep in and I have to look after the kids in the morning,etc, and heck now she is out on a girls night out), and then you get a posting right out of the blue stating that 3 years of work sucks…

well i think 1 person (at the moment) out of more than 2000 is not too bad!
i.e there are lots of things that can and do go wrong with computers/windows

I recommend windows 2000 or XP if you are not using them already.

I’m also running the same unit and you do need to read through what WD can do with this unit. It may not have all the frills that other systems have but it does what I need and that is what matters.

You’ll find working with Brian, and the rest of the WD family we all try to work together in making WD a fine product and along with Brian’s dedicated efforts (between milking cows, planting gardens, taking care of the family, and who knows what else) we’ve about drove the poor man nutso with our whims and grins and he’s hung in there with us as well as us with him.

If you need help in any area, just post it here and you’ll find the WD Family will be more than willing to help you out, even with the stupids we all come up with now and then–sometimes called being braindead at times…
:slight_smile: Welcome aboard to the WD family.


I am not happy with WD at all. .


The first thing to do is to ask before crying… :frowning:

Brian has been always very present and ready to help…

The best way is to explain what troubles you have…

WD is a great soft which has always new possibilities… so it is normal we have sometimes little bugs… But Brian is always working hard to make them working…

Your post is little rud… sorry to say that… :roll:

have a nice day…

To SuperDino:

Sounds like you reacted & posted without thinking things through. Sounds like you happened upon the software, and jumped right in, and didn’t spend any time reading through this forum. No, WD isn’t as intuitive as Internet Explorer, or Netscape… But once you start it up, let it run, and look at it over a period of time, you will find more features. Last night, I took two minutes to update the software, and played around and found some things I didn’t know about!

When looking at software, if there is a link to a forum, or if you can search a forum out, then read through it. Make sure its an active forum. Look at the issues presented. Look at the responses from the provider.

When I looked through this forum, I saw people that had issues, and I saw windy jumping in with support. Once I learned he had a real job of farming, I was amazed at how he could have done WD also. If we could get this level of support from Microsoft, at the same price… (but I digress…) Not to mention the other users, who are eager to offer support & tips… I’m very pleased, even though I do have a couple of things in WD I’d like perfect. But its not a perfect world, we need to pick our issues. (Not to mention I’m still reading, poking around, reading again, etc…)

To Brian:

I’m worried. As I said before, I’m convinced your milk is super-charged… Now with the cows dried up for winter, I’m hoping you don’t lose your energy! (LOL…:slight_smile: )

As a business owner, I can tell you you will ALWAYS have something negative come up (unhappy client for whatever reason, staff issue, etc). This is part of life, I have found. I often step back, and say OK, whats the best way to deal with this. Then I realize what positive things we have done, and recognize this is just a isolated incident, and troubleshoot the problem.

I have other software (non-weather) that is not very intuitive to use. ($18,000 later…) There is little documentation. I can call 9a-5p eastern to get my questions answered. But for some reason, I feel like I was expected to know how to do the task I wanted to do, after I get off the phone. Not to be negative, but WD isn’t the most intuitive out of the box, but this is easily overcome when one considers your extensive documentation, and most importantly, your extremely active participation on this forum. I recognize you do not have a room full of cubicles with programmers that work non stop (only to drink SuperMILK) to meet a deadline to have a release ready… Its you alone, and I can greatly appreciate what you have done.

Your hobby has truly touched many people. You stand behind what you do. The feature set is greater than anything I have seen. With everything else you have going on in your life, you still make time to make improvements & fix bugs. Your time management skills must be excellent. Thanks, again.

To everyone else:

What do you say we kick in and give Brian a hand on the farm? Chris, you can run a sprayer, right? I figure after a week, we can get Brian caught up on all those chores that are open ended, and get to enjoy some of that SuperMILK!


We have all had times when WD acted up a bit, but Brian has ALWAY been there to work the problems out for us.

People have to remember that without our input Brian can’t fix the problems as he can’t possibly own all the weather stations that he supports.

I’ve been using WD for about 3 years and couldn’t be HAPPIER with it as it’s far better than any other weather software out there. Especially considering what you get for the price. The support is priceless on it’s own.

Brian, don’t let a single person or even a small group deter you from continuing to improve a GREAT program. For the VAST majority of the users we SALUTE you and THANK YOU for your timeless efforts.


:smiley: :slight_smile: 8)



Speaking for myself :lol: , who grew up next to steel mill, wouldn’t we look like a bunch of “City Slickers” trying to kill weeds, mend fences, tend to the cows, etc. We’d turn Brian into a “Curly” for sure! :cry:


What’s a curly?

Tell me as you would a child (Galaxy Quest)


If Brian will put me up for a week in NZ I’ll be happy to give 3 - 4 hours a day. I have to have a few hours to tour.

If I didn’t download newer versions of WD I think it would run for months. I’m currently on a 7 Day voyage.

Although this has nothing exactly to do with a lot . I added a DeLorme usb GPS. It needed the usb to serial drivers. Ok. no biggie.

So here I have it working fine and then I do some dumb thing like shut the computer down for maintenence. OK. Next morning I go to boot up. fine. the tried WD and it wouldn’t recognize the com port. So I remove the USB to serial drivers and we are back in the game again.

A source of crashing, lockups might be a recently added or updated driver.

NO, the GPS sits unplugged. WD? working like a charm . Now if it would only make the AM coffee, mow the lawn and promote world peace, now that is it.

I have been toying with the idea of calling Brian and telling him to calm down, but the shock of a call from Iowa might make him volunteer for garden duty, and we wouldn’t want that.

When I first started using WD I had all sorts of problems with my PC freezing and with reboots but in the end none were due to WD itself. It turned out, after many agravating weeks, that my Windows XP freezes were all due to a buggy device driver for my PCI serial ports card. I also had trouble starting up Windows XP if my weather station was connected via an IOGear USB-to-serial port adapter. Random reboots were also unrelated to WD (and occurred only when HomeSeer was running). All of this was very very frustrating to say the least. But boy am I’m glad I hanged in there. I know Brian did. And man does he try hard. Today I’m happy to say that my WD system is very solid, in fact awesome. The feature set is fantastic, the support is incredibly responsive, and the price is a bargain.

I have the OS-968. Works great with WD. When there is a problem Brian has always found the answer. Since I put another 256K of RAM into the computer WD has never locked up. It has run for weeks. Only when the power goes off does WD stop.

Hmmm lots of emotive stuff, can I make a suggestion.

Instead of providing constant upgrades, how about having a stable version available on the website for downloading. And a Beta that volunteers can test and report back on in the forum.

Volunteers would need to be able to test in a stable known enviroment, using a variety of weathers stations.

This would take the pressure off Brian to provide constant fixes, it would provide proper bug reports that are repeatable, not the random ones that are often listed.

It would also give time for a wish list to be developed, selections made added and tested before being released to the rest of us idiots.

Theres more needed to get this working but hopefully this may start to give Brian a life and get the customer satisfaction climbing to nes highs.

I am just wondering what the latest status is superdino