Nore then 1 temp sensor

Can Weather Display create similar files that have the same content and structure as in clientraw * .txt, but instead use the data that comes from Temperature Sensor 1 (default), should there also be files from Temperature Sensor 2?
So I have 2 identical websites with unique URL, one showing “Temperature Sensor 1 (default)” and the other " Temperature Sensor 2"

like this:
Clientraw.txt (temp. sensor 1)
Clientraw_2.txt (temp. sensor 2)

clientrawtemp.txt (temp. sensor 1)
clientrawtemp.txt (temp. sensor 2)

customclientraw.txt (temp. sensor 1)
customclientraw.txt (temp. sensor 2)

clientrawhour.txt (temp. sensor 1)
clientrawhour.txt (temp. sensor 2)

clientrawextra.txt (temp. sensor 1)
clientrawextra_2.txt (temp. sensor 2)